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Reasons, Signs, You May Have Tracking Apps, Spyware Installed On Your Cellphone. - Hacked Cellphone. It could happen to anyone..

General Information - There are a number of reason someone will hack your phone, without your permission. Doing so is illegal. Below are some of the family services I provide and information on cellphone security.

Without your Permission, Someone May Be listening to your conversations.

Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P.A. FLMH 0003657

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A Hacked Cellphone.  It Could Happen To Anyone.

Reasons, Signs, You May Have Tracking Apps, Spyware Installed On Your Cellphone.
I have consulted with a Licensed Private Investigator who assisted me with this information so my clients and the public can be informed what could/may occur with cellphone hacks and you being listened to or tracked by your cellphone. This is just a brief article on how to determine if you cellphone is hacked.
General Information:

General Information - There are a number of reason someone will hack your phone, without your permission. Doing so is illegal.
Below are some signs that your phone might be tracked, listened to without your permission. Unidentified individual(s) may have knowledge of where your are located, what you are communicating.

Warning Signs, A Hacked Cellphone:

Their are federal and state laws which lead to prosecution of an unauthorized hacking of your cellphone.

First, One significant sign there may be you have tracking or spying apps installed on your cellphone is paying attention to the phones battery life, temperature, and if it lights up when not used.

Another is to observe what's going on around you.

You may notice vehicles and strangers that you don't recognize numerous times. Has anyone that you know, or like, mentioned anything suspicious?

It could be as simple as someone mentioning a word or phrase, or hint of an incident that otherwise they would not know about it.
What To Remember, If you Feel That Your Mobile Phone Is Hacked:

More and more individuals are seeking information on friends and significant others, and family members. Some methods are , but hacking a phone is illegal.

Certain Warning Sign You May Have Spyware, Malware, Spy App.

Battery life or drain is faster than normal.

Phone is warm, or hot, to the touch.

Phone lights up and turns off when you are not using it.

Interference, crackling on speakers, or static other electronics.

Strange Cryptic Messages will appear.

Data use maybe much higher than normal.

SStrange cars appear and reappear. Someone you know HINTS at something confidential

Immediate Countermeasure - Cellphone Hack

Most Immediate Action - Remove the battery from the cellphone. Turning the phone off, or placing it on airplane mode, will NOT stop you from being tracked. Cellphone manufactures design their software to conserve approximately 15-20 percent of the remaining batter life. If your battery is depleted to quickly, you may have been hacked.

Once your battery is depleted, you cannot make normal calls. The reaming battery life is designed so that you can connect and make emergencies 911 calls.

With this remaining battery life, you can be tracked.

Battery Life and Monitoring. Watch your data usage. Monitoring apps have to constantly report back. Older services often use way more data than they should. If the person monitoring you is constantly using a video camera, or microphone, or downloading your data, it will likely be on your monthly data usage.
How to remove tracking apps and spyware
CoConduct A Factory Reset- From Your Settings Menu

Trust Your Instincts

RULE 1 - SO IMPORTANT: Keep your phone's software up to date, this usually eliminates the hack app.r>
RULE 2. Use anti-malware software.

RULE 3. Delete anything suspicious. Always trust your instincts and most likely you will be safe. To be sure, initiate a full backup to your computer.

RULE 4. Reset your phone to factory settings and then reinstall one app at a time. Download only apps you know and trust.

If you are using an iPhone that you suspect has been hacked, backed it up first. Upgrade to the latest version of iOS which will eliminate the hacking procedure and remove the spy software.

RULE 5. Cryptic Text Messages: Keep an eye on cryptic messages. Certain spy software allows the user to remote control the cellphone, or tablet, by sending special text messages. Top quality software manages to effectively hide these messages and ensure the device never actually receives, or alerts them, in the inbox, The bad ones don't.

RURULE 6. If you start regularly receiving SMS's that don't make sense and possibly contain series or random letters, numbers and/or symbols, it may be someone sending the phone remote commands. DELETE THESE TEXT, OR EMAILS IMMEDIATELY, THEN CONSIDER A FACTORY RESET.

This Article Should Not Be Considered Legal Advice.

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