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Online Dating, From Blackmail to Money Laundering Schemes

Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P.A. FLMH 0003657

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Internet Dating Blackmail. It could happen to anyone.
I have contacted a professional fraud expert who assisted me with this information, so my clients and the public can be informed what may occur with Internet dating and online relationships.
Blackmail And Money Laundering Scheme.
From blackmail and money laundering schemes, online dating could be a person's worst nightmare. The computer criminals target unsuspecting victims from anonymous IP Internet Protocol Address, usernames, emails and are usually from overseas where U.S. laws have very little jurisdiction.
One of the most aggressive, lucrative and long-term scams is a romance blackmail or extortion scheme. After time seducing their victim(s) online, with love, money, adventure and romance, a scammer will solicit compromising pictures or videos. First they try to sell them privately, or post them on different adult websites. In the end they just demand payment to keep your pictures private. Unfortunately, these scammers cannot be trusted.
Facts In Regards To How Scammer Try To Gain Your Trust.
They Say They Could be Christian, Jewish, or African American. It's really just a numbers game.
Before Valentine's Day, the Better Business Bureau and Western Union have created a campaign to educate consumers about the perils of sending money to unknown persons. The FBI released tips to identify probable online scam artists.
Legitimate Internet sites have developed hotlines and emails, for those who feel they have been scammed, or extorted.
Scammer's come up with new, more elaborate, evolved methods to extort, or scam, unsuspecting victims.
Steps to Take, Online Dating, Extortion, Blackmail
Block and delete scammers immediately from all your computer programs, at work and home.
Avoid answering your phones and unplug them at night. If the scammer is unusually persistent, you may want to change your phone number.
Adjust your work or home, computers and cell phone, to block any emails coming from the scammer address. Contact your cell phone provider to assist you.
Do not ever respond to the scammer. Ignore them. Corresponding puts you at risk of being tricked back into the scam and giving into their demands.
According to statistics, Valentine's Day is one of the biggest days of the year for scammers to get your information. In 2014 - out of 500 million transactions that were screened, approximately seven million were reportedly from scam artists.
What To Do If Scammed:
After you discover the scam, you may have questions regarding the person you were talking to, the money you may have sent, the checks you may have cashed. Report the scammer to your local police department.
This Article Should Not Be Considered Legal Advice. 

This Article Should Not Be Considered Legal Advice.  

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Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P. A., FLMH 0003657 

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