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Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P.A., FLMH 0003657

Coming Out In Search Of Your True Self. - We are only human; all of us are uniquely different. Being gay or lesbian or bisexual is just the way people are interested in the same sex on an emotional level. Just because you are experimenting with the same sex does not mean that you are bisexual, gay or lesbian..

Dealing with these issue alone can be the so different from your friends and family. Being in therapy can help you express your feelings, deal with conflicts and understand yourself better. Other services I provide:

Gay and Lesbian Family Building, Having a Child

 HAVING A CHILD, going forward may depend on money, time and scheduling. It may also be a time of stress. If your partner is going to assist in the pregnancy and conception, who, what, how to chose the fertility doctors or surrogacy agencies. These are some of the complicated questions for gay dads and lesbian moms. An issue that your friends and family may not understand about same sex couples relationships.

As a non-bio gay dad or non-bio lesbian mom, you may feel the social stigmatization, distress, and disputes about your perceived maternal or paternal status even if you were part of a planned process of becoming a parent.

I provide counseling for the roads to parenthood so you can be at ease, learn methods to avoid conflicts and prepare yourself for parenthood. I understand the importance and compromise affecting your daily life when planning a child.

Coming Out In Search Of Your True Self

Coming out is a process and many people struggle with the same questions, when, how for what reasons. What will your family, friends think? When a person wants to come out, even if you think your are ready - it may be seen by other as a hurtful betrayal to your closest family or friends. My counseling will assist you from the beginning until you find your way.

There are many personal and societal layers that influence, add stress or may set the agenda for growth in your gay or lesbian life and relationships.

I continue to promote awareness about gay and lesbian issues to your parents, family and friends and will try to build your support network. Individual, couples or family counseling is a safe way to grow, work on relationships for your coming out.

LGBT Counseling Support for Teens and Young Adults

You might feel different, guilty, or a sense a rejection by having your family and friends discover who you are. This truth that you need to tell for a long time may leave hurt and pain in the ones you love. There might be promises or lies that will be thrown at you and for many reasons these people that you love turning their back on you.

Coming Out is rewarding and difficult, but sometimes your family or friends don't understand the pain when struggling with sexuality, identity and react as if you are an outcast. I can help you sort through all the emotions and figure out where to go. We will work on communication and learning new skills to help you overcome temporary emotional downfalls that seem to associate with you true sexuality.

Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P. A., FLMH 0003657 

My Corporate Counseling Services

Individual or Group Counseling Sessions.

On-Site Services Or Office Visits Are Available.

LGBT And Divorce Counseling

The threat of divorce became true. Once a wonderful relationship. It may be difficult in figuring out what to do, how to say goodbye. There is only confusion left, a silence that needs to be addressed. We all have a future but yours seems difficult due to the loss of love and your current anxiety.

Where do I find the courage and strength to start a new life and find the happiness that I once had? But you know you have to move on. The new beginning. As your counselor I can assist you in you transition and a new beginning. I am a trained clinician and apply strategies to solve issues, even if a couple has been struggling for years.


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