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Online Investment Fraud. It Could Happen To Anyone.

Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P.A. FLMH 0003657

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What To Do, When You Suspect An Online Fraudulent Investment?
You Gave, Or They Stole Your Personal Information

I have consulted with a Licensed Private Investigator who assisted me with this information so my clients and the public can be informed what could/may occur with Internet dating and online relationships. This is just a brief article on Online Investment Fraud.

Investments And Online Dating

Do your own background research on the your Internet Romance Partner and/or the investment or organization.

Does your Internet Romance Partner have a proven track record that can be verified by an independent party? Are they a member of a trade association? Where are they based? Do as much research as possible.

If you are romantically involved and offered unexpectedly that your Internet Romance Partner is trying to sell you a golden investment opportunity, JUST SAY NO!


Your Internet Romance Partner may pressure and utilize your romantic emotions. They will insist there is sense of urgency and only a very few individuals can enter this deal. They stress and try to convince their online romance victims they need to invest quickly.

If your Internet Romance Partner has an overseas account, where your investments and profits can grow without being overtaxed, beware. It's common indicator the investment was fraudulent when investors are instructed, by the scammer, to send money to accounts overseas. Be on your guard.

At some point, the Internet Romance Partner, will have an emergency, which just occurred. Your love interest will state a close family member, most like a child, had an emergency. Your Internet Romance Partner will then ask you for ANOTHER investment, OR LOAN. To show commitment to your relationship he/she will sign over their interest in the INITIAL - FAKE INVESTMENT. Here you are being doubled scammed by your Internet Romantic Partner.


In the vast majority of cases, innocent investors lose part, or all, of their money after being lured by online dating or romance. They are offered, or pressured, into buying into a fake investment.

What To Do, When You Suspect A Fraudulent Investment?

NEVER be pressured, by your Internet Romance Partner, into buying into an investment. Just Say No! Never send money, unless you are confident about whom you are dealing with and you fully understand the risks. Scam artist will downplay the risks, or will use legal jargon to suggest the investment is safe.

Internet Romance, Falling Victim To Fraudulent Investments.

Unfortunately, millions of people fall victim to investment scams via an Internet romance The victims include experienced, educated investors, who may be dealing with a large sum of money.

Your Internet Romance Partner, scammers will always try to tempt you, or other victims, with fantastic deals. They will often provide supporting information, via a brochure, website, or fake certificate of authenticity.

What To Do If Scammed:

After you discover the scam, you may have questions regarding the person you were talking to, the money you may have sent, the checks you may have cashed, the reporting of the scammer, or just how the scam works. Contact Your Local Police Department.

This Article Should Not Be Considered Legal Advice.

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