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Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P.A., FLMH 0003657

Counseling For Marriage, Family, Children or Divorce. - Individual or Group Sessions Are Available.

I Also Provide Corporate Counseling Services For Employees, Management And Business Owners.

Family Counseling - These Are Some Of The Family Counseling Services I Provide.

Family Counseling Services

Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P.A. FLMH 0003657

T: (561) 912 - 0190


Stuart Florida, Family Counselor Services

Individual Counseling:

I assist each person to set specific goals and together we will identify how to apply, what actions, to meet those goals. We are created not to be alone. Everyone needs healthy relationships, with oneself and others. It is our birth right to be happy and to enjoy our relationships.

Couples Counseling:

I assist each partner, in the relationship, to explore and identify goals, along with strategies to meet these goals. You will learn how to apply healthy tools, effective communication skills and fair fighting, which will result in each partner feeling more heard, loved and satisfied.

Child Counseling:

I assist the minor, or young adult, to be able to improve day-to-day functioning, which provides a solid foundation in which to thrive and develop. The health, or lack thereof, of a child and parent relationship is a strong indicator of future abilities of that child to maintain adaptive relationships with others.

Counseling For Groups, Business Organizations, Palm Beach, Florida Therapist:

Counseling is available for business professionals or stay - at - home - parents, when child care is a problem. My Telephone Counseling is designed for clients who are not able to travel. For corporations and businesses in need, I travel to their location and meet with individual clients and/or groups.

Supervised Parenting Time:

Supervised Parenting Time may be court ordered for the parent and children to take place in the presence of a trained professional. The supervisor will encourage positive interaction between the parent and children.

Social Investigations & Expert Witness Court Testimony:

This is a service I offer, especially in high conflict cases involving children. I complete Social Investigations, write a report including recommendations and testify in court, as to what is in the child's best interest. I am well respected in this community and for 21 years have taught the "Parenting and Divorce Class," which is one of the classes requiring mandatory attendance for those parents, with minor children, choosing to obtain a divorce.

Divorce Counseling:

I assist couples to develop and maintain a cooperative co-parenting relationship, which their children must have to grow to become healthy adults. In divorce counseling, the hurtful cycle of behaviors is ceased and a new way of being, with respect and civility, is put in its place.

Parenting Plans:

I assist couples to design tailor-made Parenting Plans that involve parenting time, educational and health related issues, and any other decisions made in regards to children. The focus of the child's best interest is always the priority. I teach the "Parenting and Divorce" class in Palm Beach County. In my private practice, I assist partners to design and update parenting plans that are in their children's best interest.

Parental Coordination:

In high conflict divorce cases, I work with both parents to assist them to put their emotions aside and come to agreements that are in their children's best interest. I facilitate couples to creatively come to decisions, as to how to co-parent their minor children peacefully and cooperatively.

Emotional Support Pets For Air Travel:

Traveling on an airplane for some may trigger uncomfortable anxiety and/or panic attacks. As a Licensed Clinician, if after a few sessions, I determine it will be helpful to have your pet accompany you on your travels. I will draft a letter to the airlines of your choice, such that your emotional support pet can travel with you.

Veteran's Counseling:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be short term, or chronic, for our veterans. I am a Licensed Therapist, in Florida, offering PTSD counseling for veterans. My service also includes telephone counseling, or office visits, for those men and women who served our country.

Family Mediation Or Parenting Coordination:

This may be necessary in order for me to assist the parties involved in areas and guidance regarding their children. I may need to offer and facilitate all involved to understand the psychological impact their decisions will have on children and to encourage all present to put the children's needs first. Being an experienced Psychotherapist is a benefit as a Mediator and Parenting Coordinator, especially in regards to children issues.


The Main Focus Of My Work.

For over 20 years, I have been a Licensed Psychotherapist in Palm Beach County, Florida. One of the main focus of my work is treating children, individuals, couples and families that are having relationship problems.

In addition, I will assist corporate owners, employees, managers how to peacefully encourage a positive and productive work environment.

Susan B. Jacobson, L.M.H.C., P. A., FLMH 0003657 

My Corporate Counseling Services

Individual or Group Counseling Sessions.

On-Site Services Or Office Visits Are Available.

I Am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

Family Counseling - Resolving Relationship - I assist each person to set specific goals and together we will identify how to apply, and what actions, will meet those goals.

I am a trained clinician and apply strategies to solve issues, even if a couple has been struggling for years.

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